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Winter examinations is the most stressful time for zealous students and when it comes to the last test, it gets clearly understood that everybody is sick and tired of those stupid studies and boring teachers whose only one care is not to give the boys and girls even a minute for entertainment and fun! Still… all the credits are done and all the papers are written, so why not gather together in a warm company and have some hot student party with something really kinky in the end?!
So did the company of careless students! To tell the truth, it all began as the celebration of the end of examination period but the enormous amount of delicious champagne and cigarettes had shot bolt and here you are - step by step, usual stories about school and classes turned into the perverted sex stories and sassy partying chicks started sexily moving their bodies and even letting the guys peep under those tiny tops and even in the wonderful already wet panties!
Yes, right you are! This student sex is fucking crazy! They wear no clothes! Their dicks are hard and their pussies are dripping wet. They pair off in couples, threesomes and even groups! It is the wildest sex party orgy with the incredible non-stop sucking and the deepest pussy and ass penetrations! Those who want to count how many times these dudes explode will be very quickly bedeviled in that huge and lavish mess of the loads of white sticky semen. You will doubtlessly love this splendid hot sex!
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  • Sexy girl AnettAnett Rating: 3.8 of 5 (38 votes)
  • Sexy girl NastiaNastia Rating: 4.1 of 5 (28 votes)
  • Sexy girl AlexaAlexa Rating: 4.2 of 5 (35 votes)
  • Sexy girl Shantel FeyaShantel Feya Rating: 4.5 of 5 (91 votes)
  • Sexy girl LusyaLusya Rating: 4.2 of 5 (63 votes)
  • Sexy girl SiliSili Rating: 4.5 of 5 (8 votes)

Members comments (28):

  • mistyshine30852 (10 Sep, 2015)

    mmmmm nice...

  • apollon_4356 (2 Dec, 2014)

    Grauenhafter Kameraman: hektische Schwenks links, dann rechts, dann links. Zoom vor, zurück, hektisch wieder links, auf die Tischplatte, um den Tisch herum. Keine Sekunde Ruhe, nichts kann man sich ansehen. Er macht eine gute Idee zunichte.

  • doublevaginalfan (6 Sep, 2014)


  • jtthebossman02 (19 Oct, 2012)

    I'd fuck them all (except boys of course), the best party ever

  • sky101 (1 Sep, 2012)

    Very nice dp

  • ndk1959 (15 Dec, 2011)

    I think a lot of Russian men are sick mother fuckers.

  • luistrenker (1 Sep, 2010)

    hi all,I want to buy the girls for my privat party...sperm up

  • didgereedoo (6 Jun, 2010)

    Mr cameraman needs decaf, can't keep still, keeps moving. So we never get to see whatever longer than a second. Never heard of tripods? Capture every inch of them beauties so we get the choice where to look.

  • ededdyedward2000 (7 May, 2010)

    My vote has to go for Mary4.  I agree with Mario.She has an amazin body.

  • Bill (18 Mar, 2010)

    Would like to see Lera in some action instead of standing around

  • spook (13 Feb, 2010)

    they need a proper cameraman. its like its been done by a 10 year old.

  • milacik (23 Jan, 2010)

    the two blondes ruin the scenes by doing nothing, would like to see tanya5 in b/g

  • doog (3 Jan, 2010)

    Mary_4 has one of the best bodies on this site. More of her and NOT anal.  Get Lera in some b/g.  The girls on this site that sit back and do nothing ruin the scenes.

  • mario (30 Dec, 2009)

    Rosa: well done! Ann: don't be shy, you're very nice, do some fucking action in one of the new parties please!

  • ciccio bello (26 Dec, 2009)

    can we have also mary and ira involved in anal sex?

  • ciccio bello (26 Dec, 2009)

    can we see tanya 5 and lera and anna also
    in more hard actio?

  • dane (31 Oct, 2009)

    There isn´t enough analsex in these parties. Don´t anyone agree?

  • ollie6662 (19 Oct, 2009)

    The quality of the download of part of 1 is impossible!

  • mal (16 Oct, 2009)

    really disappointing that neither of the 2 blondes get into any action. would love to see Lera in some b/g scenes

  • STEVEN (12 Oct, 2009)

    i would spent a lot of cash to join that party!

  • britboy (15 Sep, 2009)

    mmm gotta love pussy

  • tarik (14 Sep, 2009)

    hot girls

  • doeblin (6 Sep, 2009)

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